Dec 5, 2017

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

The low temperatures during the winter month and few hours of daylight force you to stay in with your little ones more often than during the rest of the year. Why not use this time to do some arts and crafts with them?

Here some cute christmas inspired ideas which you can easily imitate with them.

For the ones that love to use the scissors! Let them cut up some colorful paper into stripes and then shorten them into the needed length in order to arrange them into the shape of a christmas tree. May be you can draw them the shape onto the paper and they can stick them themselves. Add a little star to the top and voila!

An other version: let them paint a paper plate and then cut out the triangular shape for the tree. Let them stick from the back the stripes of fabric and then add the star and the trunk on the front. They too will love the result!

Let them paint a whole page with some green and blue water color. Once dry, cut into triangular shapes. Let them cover another sheet all in blue water color and while still wet, let them sprinkle some salt on top. Once it is dry, dust off the salt and surprise! The whole sheet will look as it is snowing! What a great effect! Now you are ready to stick the trees on and finished is our arty winter wonderland!

For the slightly older ones, let them string up some triangular shaped cardboard cut outs. You can add some beads as decor. It´s so simple but so effective and cute – especially little girls will love this!

Let´s continue with string and cardboard. First draw simple geometrical shapes onto cardboard, than cut around them. Get some colorful yarn and needle and get sewing! They will imagine ever new shapes. You might hang them later onto a branch of pine – they will be so proud of their own little christmas corner in the house!

“Gods eyes” are also so easy, creative and beautiful! Check out full instructions in my pinterest folder by clicking here, or on the image!

A great idea to do together with smaller and bigger brothers and sisters are these finger and foot paintings. Let them work as a team! They might just as well create their own little stories and christmas cards!

Office paper recycling into snowmen – fantastic idea! 

A paper Santa from simple shapes, cut and glued! Curl the beard with some scissors and finally draw the face with a ball pen! Love it!

For full instructions and more ideas check out my pinterest folder of cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas by clicking HERE

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