Interior colors – red – where and how

Interior colors – red – where and how

Interior Colors – Red – where & how

This color series hopes to demystify a bit the color psychology and the adequate use of color in our homes. 

At the beginning of this autumn winter season I mentioned in the post: “This seasons biggest interior trend & what you didn´t know about it”, that

“This seasons biggest interior design trend is all about color! Not only color accents, but full color as such. Color drives almost 90% of all decisions we make and influences us in how we feel, what we decide and do and finally also how we do it.”

With this in mind I believe it could be very interesting to know a bit more about each color. 

We spoke about Orange last month and this month we will give RED it´s turn.

Red is a warm color, full of passion and drama, it´s dynamic, energetic and powerful, stimulates appetite and draws in attention.

10 words that describe the color psychology of red the best:

love + passionate   energy + powerful    excitement + attention strength  +  courage   dramatic + dangerous

But what does all this mean in respect to the interiors of your home?

While bright red can heighten the senses, earthy red tones create warmth and comfort. 

So red could well be the perfect color for a dining area.

… or as a detail for the kitchen.


Use it as an accent on one wall, or on some objects …

… or through an art work which will turn this corner of the room into a focal point.

As a general rule, use red minimal, as on it´s own it can be over powering! However adding cool or neutral colors can balance this effect.

A bedroom is great in neutral and realxing colors, while red accents can add this little bit of spice and excitement for romance you might be looking for.



Grey in all its shades, is a winner since a few seasons already and it keeps up strong. The combination of grey with red accents works particularly well!

Charcoal with beige, burgundy and bold bright red is a fantastic combination. It´s elegant, classy, yet contemporary!

Slightly away from trends and fashion, please keep the above in mind as an inspirational guide only and always tap into your own mind, spirit and needs. Feel there how you react to each color from the inside and go for what feels right for you!

And please remember, all of my Home and Yours cushions are available in 9 colors, one of them a beautiful bold red that can just as well wear your own words.

The offer is valid for a limited time only! (until 6.12.17)

So don´t wait for a last minute gift, but check out which styles are the ones for you!

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simple and natural christmas decor is this years new luxury

simple and natural christmas decor is this years new luxury

Simple & Natural Christmas Decor is the true luxury this year!

Christmas decoration dates back centuries and if we look back into our own childhood our mothers overloaded and almost over decorated the whole house during the Christmas period. This year, don’t be a slave to the past and try out this simple, cheap, but most of all beautiful natural eco-chic trend, which will mark the season!

Natural olive branches are a great choice with wonderful green-silver leaves. They are extremely easy to decorate, and add natural color with a timeless green. So bring a touch of your outdoors in, and enjoy your holiday season.

Of course, not everyone has access to olive tree branches, don´t worry, as any other ever green leaves will work just as well! 

Stick them for instance on the wall, imitating the shape of a Christmas tree. Have a look at my previous post by clicking here and check out plenty more alternative Christmas tree options.

Don´t have much access to any greens? Well don´t risk to get arrested by cutting all the bushes in the park! The combination of some brass rings or stars with only a touch of green are  just as attractive!

And for me the most beautiful and original way of displaying some green is the combination of greens and glass containers, vases or even glass baubles.

Simply green wreaths, on their own or in multitude are classic, but keeping them minimalistic, will make them stand out this season!

And as mentioned previously, for alternative Christmas tree options, especially ideal for small spaces, check out my previous post or my pinterest folder!

And last, but not least, adding to any antique wooden object a branch of green with a simple bow, will make them stand out for this seasons celebration. Happy decorating to all of you!

And remember for all of you early Christmas shoppers we have a   



Only until the 6.December!

Check out the full collection here

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35 stylish & chic christmas tree alternatives

35 stylish & chic christmas tree alternatives

35 amazing stylish & chic Christmas tree alternatives

Soon it´s time to decorate again for Christmas, getting our home cosy and into the mood! 

This also brings with it the opportunity to get truly creative and decorative! 

And if you are looking for something a little different this year here the perfect picture guide to 35 amazing stylish & chic alternatives to the traditional tree which may well inspire you! 

By the way, loads of these ideas are ideal especial for small spaces, where a 3-D foot standing tree might get into your way each year – if this is your case, here you´ll find the solution to the seasonal space problem, without having to miss out on a tree!

Incredibly simple but just so happy and bright! These two chalk drawn christmas trees on black board painted walls can be done with minimal effort and cleaning them up later is done in a second! 

Natural branches suspended from the celing can be incredibly atractive and save space, while you don´t have to miss out on the smell which transports you into your childhood, creating expectations of the big day to come!

A smaller alternative for the table or side board are these cones made from ceramic, wood or concrete, partly raw with golden tips.

Similar in size, but from paper, dough and felt are these cute little decor trees. A nice weekend DIY idea! Feel creative and do your own version!

Black or white? Which one is your favorite of these two wooden cut out christmas trees? Sparely decorated with a light garland, they look so stylish & chic! They are the perfectly match for any scandinavian style living room!

Here some more black and white ideas to imitate at home, using painted salt dough with cork trunks, white fur on a stick, washi tape framed and simple black and white paper patterns cut and stacked. It seems so easy and fun to do them, I must try one my self!  

Recyled pallet wood can also be transformed completely into some beautiful and original christmas decor trees. Find more options and alternatives in my pinterest folder

Also from wood, but so different: On the left a 3-D wooden boards cut out tree – scandinavian style and on the right piled drift wood, for a polished rustic look. 

Fake fur trees stuffed and pinned on the wall, the trunks are mini washing pegs – what a mad little idea! 

Hand painted fabric wall-hanging or a photographic version? Which one do you like better? 

Personally I like a bit of natural and will hang some branches over our fireplace and decorate them together with my daughter with some home made salt dough cookie decor. Happy decorating to you!

All images link back to pinterest, where you can get all details about their origin,… and 

And remember for all of you early Christmas shoppers we have a   

FULL month of up to 15% DISCOUNT

on all custom cushions

Only until the 6.December!

Check out the full collection here.  

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Unique and very personal christmas gifts!

Unique and very personal christmas gifts!

Unique and very personal christmas gifts!

Before language was written or money minted, humans exchanged gifts. Gift giving is probably one of the oldest and most basic human behaviors. The act of giving is a powerful act of communication. It enhances and even changes relationships between us and others.

With Christmas approaching fast, the gifting season soon will be reaching it´s yearly climax! 

But expectations of finding the right little (or bigger) something, which will really find appreciation is getting more complicated, as mass produced goods struggle to reach the heart of its recipients and neither do they show that you really care for them. 

Giving a handcrafted gift to the contrary speaks volumes about the giver. It says that they care about finer things, and that they took the time to choose the gift carefully. 

There is a big difference between wrapping a unique handmade gift or simply handing over a gift card.

Now if you give a gift that actually has been made only and exclusively for it´s recipient, using even your own words, or adding names and dates, you really can make sure that this will turn into the most heart warming gift under the Christmas tree! 

Remember all My Home and Yours can be customized, however we have many many designs directed to all kinds of recipients, be it grandma, a new born or your big love, which are already prepared for your name or/and date to be inserted.

And exactly on these very special custom gifts we decided to give you an unique discount for your Christmas shopping! Yeah!!!

The offer is valid for a limited time only! (until 6.12.17) So don´t wait for a last minute gift, but check out which styles are the ones for you! Find the full collection here:


unique – hand PRINTED –personalised

“Every person has their own definition of happiness. (your names) & you are mine.”

Gifts that the whole family will love!

Be it for you or your partner or for your parents, these cushion covers with names and date are:

The perfect gift to show your love

A new member in your or your friends family? With out a doubt with these cushions covers your message and intentions will be present day by day.

Kids just love to see their name

And what about your very own words with some beautiful graphics to frame them?

Nothing can be more personal then your own message

And remember the SPECIAL OFFER is only on until the 6.December!

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