interior colors – white – where and how

interior colors – white – where and how

Interior color – WHITE – where and how

Color is one of the most powerful design tools, as in a fraction of a second colors can speak volumes. Without saying a single word, they can instantly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire people to take action. 

In my series of Interior colors, in which I hope to demystify a bit the color psychology and the adequate use of color in our homes, I talked already previously about orange and red. 

You can check out part 1 and 2 of this series: here and here.

This month white will be our color:

White often is not mentioned as a color as such, however just as any other color it provokes emotions and we react to it in a certain way.

10 words that describe the color psychology of white the best: 

bright + spotless + innocent + airy + lightweight + sterile + efficient + silent + pure + fresh  

White is a cold neutral color, it´s clean and pure and gives us the impression of space. Most of the time newly constructed homes are handed over all dipped into white paint, which obviously is cheaper, but also more neutral as it can easily adapt to almost any taste and allows you to set all ideas to cero. 

You like rustic, Mediterranean chic? White is a perfect base color, think of Ibiza and it´s rustic housing, always in white, combined with natural wood and earthenware.

You like modern Scandinavian decor? Well white and black are the essential colors for it, even the result goes into a totally different direction.

In any case, white cultivates clarity, positivity and honesty.

But what does all this mean in respect to the interiors of your home? 

You can use white in virtually any space of your home, …

… be it your BATHROOM

… be it your KITCHEN 

… be it your BEDROOM …

Also the quantity of white color you want to use depends entirely on you. Look inside of yourself and feel how YOU react to white with white or may be YOU prefer adding smaller or bigger white highlights to existing color palettes?

The beautiful thing about white is that is totally flexible and it always works. Surely this will also be the reason why most people choose white from my cushion collection as gifts – this way they cannot go wrong with the color and their message is what stands out! 

Have a look at the collection HERE 

Never the less, which colors work the best with white?

White walls and white furniture for a monochrome elegant summer look. 

… or white with subtle touches of sand and grey tones, …

 or for a more graphic look add contrasts and match it with black, …

… or combine white with any other bright color. It really is up to you!

Please remember, all of my Home and Yours cushions are available in 9 colors. And they could just as well wear your own words.

Check out the full collection:

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Christmas gift wrapping – Top 10 of FREE printable tags – stylish, cute & trendy

Christmas gift wrapping – Top 10 of FREE printable tags – stylish, cute & trendy

Christmas gift wrapping – Top 10 of FREE printable tags – stylish, cute & trendy


I’ve always enjoyed putting time in to wrapping presents, as I believe it shows that you really care about the recipient. And of course because it is a great way to add a touch of personal creativity 😉 

Have a look below, how simple brown kraft paper, some greenery from the garden and other inexpensive props like cheap stickers or paint can turn your presents into the most stylish gifts below the tree. 

It couldn´t be simpler to wrap a stylish gift, when you get the right inspiration! So no excuses this season! 😉 Find all links and detailed info in my pinterest folder here

Sure you´ve tried as a kid some potato stamping? Try it again this season and have fun doing your own wrapping paper pattern! It´s so much fun and looks fantastic!

White ball pen dots covering a standard Kraftpaper with standard parcel wrapping yarn turns your gift wrapping into something so original! Try adding any of the free printable hantags from below or from my pinterest folder.

Splash a bit of white ink on black paper, add some green and white string and voila, your gift will turn into the most stylish gift below the tree!

Black in black – super elegant with some greens!

Simple black round stickers from the office and some washi tape (which always comes handy, so make sure you´ve got one at home all year round!) You can of course substitute the hantgag with any of the free printable hantags from below or from my pinterest folder. 😉

Amazing what a bit of white paint or a white ball pen can do for a simple Kraft paper – be creative!

And for the ultimating touch, I skimmed for you the most beautiful FREE printable hangtags to be found in the web:

Enjoy wrapping – enjoy gifting!

You´ll find ALL links and image details in THIS PINTEREST FOLDER!

Nº 1

Hand written black and white hangtag – they match absolutely everywhere!

by Ella Claire: link here.

Nº 2

So honest and cool these black and white text hangtags for your best gifting efforts – I just adore them!

by Bunny peculiar: link here.

Nº 3

Hand drawn chalboard style hangtags for your most stylish christmas gift wrapping!

by Dreaming in DIY: link here.

Nº 4

Free holiday gift tags with hand lettering and a little yellow contrast – I love them!

by Maiko Nagao: link here.

Nº 5

Cute printable wrapping paper in black and white, doodle style and complementing christmas tree hangtags – very sweet!

by The beauty Dojo: link here.

Nº 6

Black and white Hipster style hangtags for the Christmas season – cool!

by Sodapop design: link here.

Nº 7

Beautiful hand drawn hangtags with a romatic touch!

by Dreaming in DIY: link here.

Nº 8

Black and white hand written message tags – simple, but very cute!

by A pair & a spare: link here.

Nº 9

Gold mixed with black & white for a smart look!

by Visual Heart: link here.

Nº 10

Black and white scandinavian style with touches of gold!

by Designersblog: link here.

And if you are still in need for some present,

get browsing through my collection of

personal message gifts HERE.

I hand print all of them one by one just for you!

And in case you need them last minute, remember that they are

ready for shipping in only 1 or 2 working days!

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15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

The low temperatures during the winter month and few hours of daylight force you to stay in with your little ones more often than during the rest of the year. Why not use this time to do some arts and crafts with them?

Here some cute christmas inspired ideas which you can easily imitate with them.

For the ones that love to use the scissors! Let them cut up some colorful paper into stripes and then shorten them into the needed length in order to arrange them into the shape of a christmas tree. May be you can draw them the shape onto the paper and they can stick them themselves. Add a little star to the top and voila!

An other version: let them paint a paper plate and then cut out the triangular shape for the tree. Let them stick from the back the stripes of fabric and then add the star and the trunk on the front. They too will love the result!

Let them paint a whole page with some green and blue water color. Once dry, cut into triangular shapes. Let them cover another sheet all in blue water color and while still wet, let them sprinkle some salt on top. Once it is dry, dust off the salt and surprise! The whole sheet will look as it is snowing! What a great effect! Now you are ready to stick the trees on and finished is our arty winter wonderland!

For the slightly older ones, let them string up some triangular shaped cardboard cut outs. You can add some beads as decor. It´s so simple but so effective and cute – especially little girls will love this!

Let´s continue with string and cardboard. First draw simple geometrical shapes onto cardboard, than cut around them. Get some colorful yarn and needle and get sewing! They will imagine ever new shapes. You might hang them later onto a branch of pine – they will be so proud of their own little christmas corner in the house!

“Gods eyes” are also so easy, creative and beautiful! Check out full instructions in my pinterest folder by clicking here, or on the image!

A great idea to do together with smaller and bigger brothers and sisters are these finger and foot paintings. Let them work as a team! They might just as well create their own little stories and christmas cards!

Office paper recycling into snowmen – fantastic idea! 

A paper Santa from simple shapes, cut and glued! Curl the beard with some scissors and finally draw the face with a ball pen! Love it!

For full instructions and more ideas check out my pinterest folder of cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas by clicking HERE

And if you are still at the look out for

gifts for grandma, daddy, granddad, the little baby or your best friend, have a look


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