16 perfect love declarations and original proposals

16 perfect love declarations and original proposals

16 perfect love declarations and Original proposals 

Valentine is aproaching – the day of lovers! Time to find the right words or the right way to express your feelings to the one you love the most!

When I asked around, how was your moment of proposal? I received all sorts of replies and adjectives trying to describe this intimate moment that brought these people together: daring, exciting, original, unexpected, emotional, funny, special, surprising, …

Do you remember yours? Or do you actually have a little keepsake of it? May be you want to get inspired? 

Come on, I know most of you, who read these lines are girls, but let´s forget the old stereo types why don´t YOU go for it and tell him/her what in your heart?

Here some cute and irresistible proposal ideas which I found and collected. Find these and more in my  pinterest folder: 

All of my already created designs can be personalized for you, with names, dates, lyrics or whatever you want. And if none of them matches your idea, you can always send me your own text and I´ll make sure that your personal message will touch the heart of whoever you want.

Every year when our anniversary is coming up, be it our wedding anniversary or simply the day that we met, these memories get refreshed and we celebrate our love again. To describe how we feel and express in words what your other half means to you, sometimes is not easy, so here is a recompilation of love declarations and anniversary gifts that I especially like and they just might as well help you to transmit your feelings.

And what makes them really special – these gifts turn into DAILY reminders of your love! 😉

Of course sometimes the words of others might not get the essence 100%, so why not get your own words down and printed? Or what about the lyrics of your favorite song, as a more intimate code?

Be funny and have your nick names on a pillow or art print – be creative, just let her or him know what you feel!

And if you prefer your words to be set in some graphics here have some fantastic options 😉

And remember you can always print both sides of the cushion!


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Interior colors – grey – where and how

Interior colors – grey – where and how

Color is one of the most powerful design tools, as in a fraction of a second colors can speak volumes. Without saying a single word, they can instantly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire people to take action. 

In my series of Interior colors, in which I hope to demystify a bit the color psychology and the adequate use of color in our homes, I talked already previously about orange, red and white.  You can check out part 1 here, 2 here and 3 here.

This time I have decided to take a closer look at the use in interiors of the sophisticated and elegant, but modern color GREY.

In the past GREY has been used almost exclusively in industrial environments, which are utilitarian and functional. However in the last two years grey has become the protagonist in many design areas. And we wont be shocked to find even all grey bridal dresses and wedding decor this year. Just the contrary, we are delighted with this fresh use of this “non-color”, which turned sophisticated and elegant. 

In Fengshui GREY invites helpfulness and represents a harmonious union of black and white.

It is also perceived as calming, sleek and neutral.

10 words that describe the color psychology of grey the best:

graceful + quiet + modern + glamorous + reliable + intelligent + calm neutral + solid + timeless

GREY is a neutral color, which can be either cold or warm, depending on the amount of blue or yellow added in it´s mixture.

If you want a room to be cosy and warm, just watch out to go for grey tones with slightly more yellow, this way you will help the room gain in warmth. Add bright warm color contrasts, such as yellow or orange.

If you want the room to be clean and modern go for those blueish grey tones and add hard black and white contrasts for a graphic look.

Despite the current dramatic color trend (read all about it in my previous post: “falls 7 most important interior trends “) I would always suggest to add to both warm and cold grey tones, some cream or white highlights, in order to brighten up the general mood of this color.

Check out the differences in this comparison.

All dark grey in dark grey – a fascinating dramatic picture, but having your home full of drama would get rather dense after a short while and energy draining.

Adding some white highlights in shape of furniture of pictures, frames etc. add enough positive energy to balance well with the matt dark greys.

Here the bright white dominates and the different grey tones of the painting, sofa and cushion add some sofistication to this clean space.

CREAMY GREY gives any room more depth than white would, but it still looks polished and modern.

As shown in a previous post (“30+ options to up date your kids room“) last year we up dated the bed room of our little girl with a beautiful creamy fog grey.

And as we fell so in love with this color tone we recently decided to paint our entire summer holiday apartment with it. It works just amazing with all the white furniture and white windows and doors. 

The velvety softness of this color combines so well with a romantic blush pink in combination with some slightly darker grey cushions, as here in our bedroom and here in some other fantastic examples.

In the kids bedrooms we combined the GREY with turquoise for a fresh, happy and contemporary look, adding of course also here some grey throw pillows. Check out also these other great ideas for this beautiful color combination.

And as recently I am a true fan of grey in it´s variation of tones I painted also my studio with a dark dramatic charcoal, however only one of the walls, while the others became bright white. As I said before, I personally defend the balanced use of dark and dramatic with white or cream highlights for a more positive energy! And to that I added black and white graphics in shape of patterns, photographs and of course my motivational quote prints, as well as touches of yellow or gold! 

(Unfortunately I don´t have still proper pictures of my studio, but I hope to be able to add soon more than this one above.)

As you can see, grey really can work in so many ways, shades and spaces, that it can virtually fit into any room of your home.

Find more inspiration and all original image links here in

And please remember all of My Home and Yours cushions come in a beautiful GREY, as well as in 8 other fantastic color shades, making sure you will find the right one for your home!

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New Year´s resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

New Year´s resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

New Years Resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

We are half way through January, the new year resolutions, well they might not be forgotten, but we must admit that our daily routines have caught up with us by now. 

So, wouldn´t it be good to have a reminder of your goals for this year on your desk or well visible on your wall? 

Be it at home or in the office, be it a personalized list or message, or a motivational and inspirational quote, having them present and visible can help you keep on track. 

Have a look through these and many more designs, or as I said, have your own text printed. Remember, they can be printed on fabric to be framed or on a quality cotton pillow, available on 9 beautiful decorative colors. 

Get one for your self or gift them! The recipient will love it and your message  will be present day by day! 

Why not now – go for it today! 

Life isn´t about waiting for the storm to pass. It´s about learning to dance in the rain.

Happiness is a choice

Your personal message hand printed on fabric to be framed!

Limits are for those who need them!

Believe you can and you are halfway there.

Do what makes you happy

365 new days. 365 new beginnings.

Your personal message hand printed on a quality cotton cushion, available in 9 colors!

Focus on the solution – not the problem.

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6 Quick & easy ways to make your office more creative & productive!

6 Quick & easy ways to make your office more creative & productive!

Design must make sense! In my long career as a designer one thing I never understood how there is so much “stuff” out there, be it fashion-, interior- or product design, that aesthetically looks great, but functionally is a total fail. 

In my new pinterest folder to this blog, you´ll find plenty of design inspiration for restyling your office that make sense, however in this post I´d rather point out a few easy and quick changes that will help you to boost creativity & productivity around your work space.

You really need only 15min for achieving a massive change 

Trust me & go for it right away!  

-1- Move your desk closer to the daylight!

Try to avoid fluorescent lighting, as it can cause drowsiness, instead orientate your desk making more use of daylight!

-2- Clear your office from clutter!

I mentioned this already in my previous post, but it really is rule number one for better fengshui, better efficiency and motivation!

-3- Control temperature!

Make sure office temperature is not too high, as it could make you sleepy, but neither too cold, as this can distract you just as well. Ideal would be 25ºC (77º F)

-4- Add motivation to your desk and walls!

Family pictures, as well as inspirational quotes can help you to get through the day and keep up your motivation. Check out also my previous post: 10 Tips on getting motivated for work that really work!

For this purpose I created a whole collection of motivational quotes, which you can either print out yourself or I hand print them for you on fabric for a more sophisticated touch.


-5- Have Plants!

There are plenty of plants that need minimal care, but they can help reduce your stress levels and reduce air polution. Find a guide of easy office plants in the pinterest folder that I created especially for this post.


-6- Rearrange your desk for better Fengshui!

Just follow this great illustration for more balance and efficiency with your work by placing all the elements on your desk in a certain manor. Sounds odd, but let me tell you, I tried it my self and I must say it makes sense once you´ve done it. Just give it a try, it only will take you a few minutes!


picture credits in my pinterest folder

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8 architectural reasons to visit Bilbao – European city of the year 2018

8 architectural reasons to visit Bilbao – European city of the year 2018

Bilbao – 8 architectural reasons to visit the European city of the year 2018

It´s 20 years ago since I first came to the Basque Country and I fell in love in an instant!  Its people, culture and love for good food, as well as its coast line and mountains captured my heart!

It is also 20 years ago, when in Bilbao the Guggenheim Museum was completed. The opening of this emblematic Museum was back then heavily criticized, however looking back now, it definitely marked the change in focus, from an industrial city into a space of urbanist example, with a cultural and artistic playground that has continued growing ever since!

This year Bilbao has been named European city of the year by the Academy of Urbanism and Forbes writes about it in big letters,…

Here my personal short list of the 8 contemporary architectural reasons for why you should visit Bilbao this year! 

Of course, the Guggenheim Museum might sound obvious and standard, however Frank Gehrys master piece is truly magnificent, both from the outside, as well as from its inside! 

Recently for it´s 20s anniversary a spectacular 30 min light and sound show allowed us to see Bilbaos recent history projected all around the building.

Norman Foster´s Metro, which started operating in 1995 has brought a fundamental change to the city. In 1998, the Metro was awarded the Brunel Prize, the most prestigious international award for railway architecture for Sarriko station and has also been awarded the Prize for the cleanest Metro service in Europe. All over the city its whale like shaped glass and stainless steel entrances arise from the ground and invite you underground.

Santiago Calatrava’s Sondica airport, or as its nick name “ La Paloma” (the dove), due to its bird like shape and its white color is a truly welcoming building, full of light and rounded shapes – a wonderfully inspiring design piece, which opened in 2000 and handles nowadays over 5 Mio passengers annually. The elegant four-story parking structure was designed to limit the impact of auxiliary buildings on the vista of the main building, is tucked into a grassy embankment. I love flighing off and coming back home from here!

An other great architectural piece by Calatrava marks Bilbao: Zubizuri (Basque for ‘white bridge’), a stunning suspension cable footbridge completed in 1997. At night, when the bridge lights up from underneath, it looks especially beautiful and inspiring!

The Torre Iberdrola (completed in 2011) by Cesar Pelli counts supposedly to the architectural gems that have contributed to the city’s metamorphosis, personally I find it a rather plain glass building, which stands out mainly because of its hight (165m) ! 

In comparison to the last mentioned, I find the building of Basque Health Department by Coll-Barreu Arquitects (2008) much more inspiring. As it reflects the sky in hundreds of pieces, it changes its aspect depending of the weather conditions – I never get bored having an other look at it, when passing by!

Adding to this list of architectural stand out pieces of course you should not miss the San Mamés Football stadium, which has been designed by IDOM/ACXT Architects. In 2015 at the World Architecture festival in Singapur it was named Best Stadium world wide!

And my absolutely favorite building, because of it´s originality  is the Alhondiga, which has been renamed in 2015 Askuna Zentroa, after the ex-mayor of Bilbao who initiated and pushed all these architectural changes of the city. 

The original modernist building has been designed by the Architect Ricardo Bastida as a wine ware house and was inaugurated in 1909. In the 70´s the warehouse was relocated and the building remained empty for almost 40 years, until Askuna decided to give this building a new use as culture and leisure centre. 

French designer Philippe Starck in collaboration with Thibaut Mathieu, were in charge of the total reform of the building hosting now a cinema multiplex, a  theatre, a fitness centre, a library, showrooms, an auditorium, shops, restaurants, a bar and a gallery.

Of the old building only the facade remains and in the inside three huge brick cube “buildings” arise like in an industrial film set, resting on 43 pillars, each one representing another culture which has marked human history and is made of different materials and techniques. Lorenzo Baraldi, the Italian stage designer, has materialized Philippe Starck’s cinematographic vision of this space in his own particular interpretation. 

The glass walls from the inside allow you to have a direct view into the kitchen of it´s restaurant, turning cooks into actors, but also the visitors of the public library who have a seat for a read, seem to participate in this staging! So do the people who work in the first floor office… It´s fantastic! 

An other highlight of this building is the glass floor of the swimming pool, which allows the public at ground floor level, to observe the shadows of swimmers 3 floors above them.

From the ceiling in the central square a huge screen is suspended from above showing a live image of the sun with all the details of its eruptions – fascinating!

Around the building the staging idea continues and invites the visitors to make use of the setting!

With many more details for you to discover, this building with all it´s activities is a definite must see.

Here you can go for a virtual tour:

But of course, there is nothing like seeing the real thing, so get planing your trip to Bilbao now!

As always, all images are linked to their original source via my pinterest folder.

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How to convert your bathroom into a spa in 5 simple steps

How to convert your bathroom into a spa in 5 simple steps

The new year often starts with hangover time! And I don´t really mean it in the literal way! It´s just that the past year rests heavily on our shoulders and I personally feel quiet tired and exhausted! In order to get the reset for a new fresh start into the next round of 365 days around the sun right, a visit to a spa wouldn´t be bad at all! 

But, of course we´ve got the kids at home, time for your self is lacking! So I thought I´d step at least into our bath tub, switch off the light, light up some candles and get the feel. But I had to realize that through out the year the bathroom got rather cluttered with old magazines, towels lying around, here one of the socks which is missing in the laundry and there the bathing toys of my daughter, filling half the bath tub! I cannot even light up the candle which is hiding in the corner of the shelf, as its twig is down to cero!  

Well this scenario is far from getting the right Spa feeling! 

But when you hit bottom you get ready to push yourself up, so I decided it´s time for a little make over and turning this space into my little Spa – or at least I´d like to get it a bit closer to it!

Here a few ideas, which might inspire you for your own bathroom at home.


Get rid of all the clutter, hide it in the drawers, some baskets or some glass containers.


Change all the ugly shampoo, mouthwash, … containers into neutral looking dispensers.


Get new towels – all the same color or matching patterns, roll them up or fold them perfectly.


Add some inspiring wall decor and candles.


Add some scents and turn on some music.

And if you want to get a bit more into restyling and redecorating in my new pinterest folder, you´ll find plenty of ideas:

From painting the walls, the sink, the tiles, or simply their joints …

… to adding some shelfing, some stick on tiles or …

… add a faux patterned floor. 

Have a brows here and a happy start into the new year!

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