How to convert your bathroom into a spa in 5 simple steps

How to convert your bathroom into a spa in 5 simple steps

The new year often starts with hangover time! And I don´t really mean it in the literal way! It´s just that the past year rests heavily on our shoulders and I personally feel quiet tired and exhausted! In order to get the reset for a new fresh start into the next round of 365 days around the sun right, a visit to a spa wouldn´t be bad at all! 

But, of course we´ve got the kids at home, time for your self is lacking! So I thought I´d step at least into our bath tub, switch off the light, light up some candles and get the feel. But I had to realize that through out the year the bathroom got rather cluttered with old magazines, towels lying around, here one of the socks which is missing in the laundry and there the bathing toys of my daughter, filling half the bath tub! I cannot even light up the candle which is hiding in the corner of the shelf, as its twig is down to cero!  

Well this scenario is far from getting the right Spa feeling! 

But when you hit bottom you get ready to push yourself up, so I decided it´s time for a little make over and turning this space into my little Spa – or at least I´d like to get it a bit closer to it!

Here a few ideas, which might inspire you for your own bathroom at home.


Get rid of all the clutter, hide it in the drawers, some baskets or some glass containers.


Change all the ugly shampoo, mouthwash, … containers into neutral looking dispensers.


Get new towels – all the same color or matching patterns, roll them up or fold them perfectly.


Add some inspiring wall decor and candles.


Add some scents and turn on some music.

And if you want to get a bit more into restyling and redecorating in my new pinterest folder, you´ll find plenty of ideas:

From painting the walls, the sink, the tiles, or simply their joints …

… to adding some shelfing, some stick on tiles or …

… add a faux patterned floor. 

Have a brows here and a happy start into the new year!

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Christmas gift wrapping – Top 10 of FREE printable tags – stylish, cute & trendy

Christmas gift wrapping – Top 10 of FREE printable tags – stylish, cute & trendy

Christmas gift wrapping – Top 10 of FREE printable tags – stylish, cute & trendy


I’ve always enjoyed putting time in to wrapping presents, as I believe it shows that you really care about the recipient. And of course because it is a great way to add a touch of personal creativity 😉 

Have a look below, how simple brown kraft paper, some greenery from the garden and other inexpensive props like cheap stickers or paint can turn your presents into the most stylish gifts below the tree. 

It couldn´t be simpler to wrap a stylish gift, when you get the right inspiration! So no excuses this season! 😉 Find all links and detailed info in my pinterest folder here

Sure you´ve tried as a kid some potato stamping? Try it again this season and have fun doing your own wrapping paper pattern! It´s so much fun and looks fantastic!

White ball pen dots covering a standard Kraftpaper with standard parcel wrapping yarn turns your gift wrapping into something so original! Try adding any of the free printable hantags from below or from my pinterest folder.

Splash a bit of white ink on black paper, add some green and white string and voila, your gift will turn into the most stylish gift below the tree!

Black in black – super elegant with some greens!

Simple black round stickers from the office and some washi tape (which always comes handy, so make sure you´ve got one at home all year round!) You can of course substitute the hantgag with any of the free printable hantags from below or from my pinterest folder. 😉

Amazing what a bit of white paint or a white ball pen can do for a simple Kraft paper – be creative!

And for the ultimating touch, I skimmed for you the most beautiful FREE printable hangtags to be found in the web:

Enjoy wrapping – enjoy gifting!

You´ll find ALL links and image details in THIS PINTEREST FOLDER!

Nº 1

Hand written black and white hangtag – they match absolutely everywhere!

by Ella Claire: link here.

Nº 2

So honest and cool these black and white text hangtags for your best gifting efforts – I just adore them!

by Bunny peculiar: link here.

Nº 3

Hand drawn chalboard style hangtags for your most stylish christmas gift wrapping!

by Dreaming in DIY: link here.

Nº 4

Free holiday gift tags with hand lettering and a little yellow contrast – I love them!

by Maiko Nagao: link here.

Nº 5

Cute printable wrapping paper in black and white, doodle style and complementing christmas tree hangtags – very sweet!

by The beauty Dojo: link here.

Nº 6

Black and white Hipster style hangtags for the Christmas season – cool!

by Sodapop design: link here.

Nº 7

Beautiful hand drawn hangtags with a romatic touch!

by Dreaming in DIY: link here.

Nº 8

Black and white hand written message tags – simple, but very cute!

by A pair & a spare: link here.

Nº 9

Gold mixed with black & white for a smart look!

by Visual Heart: link here.

Nº 10

Black and white scandinavian style with touches of gold!

by Designersblog: link here.

And if you are still in need for some present,

get browsing through my collection of

personal message gifts HERE.

I hand print all of them one by one just for you!

And in case you need them last minute, remember that they are

ready for shipping in only 1 or 2 working days!

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15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

The low temperatures during the winter month and few hours of daylight force you to stay in with your little ones more often than during the rest of the year. Why not use this time to do some arts and crafts with them?

Here some cute christmas inspired ideas which you can easily imitate with them.

For the ones that love to use the scissors! Let them cut up some colorful paper into stripes and then shorten them into the needed length in order to arrange them into the shape of a christmas tree. May be you can draw them the shape onto the paper and they can stick them themselves. Add a little star to the top and voila!

An other version: let them paint a paper plate and then cut out the triangular shape for the tree. Let them stick from the back the stripes of fabric and then add the star and the trunk on the front. They too will love the result!

Let them paint a whole page with some green and blue water color. Once dry, cut into triangular shapes. Let them cover another sheet all in blue water color and while still wet, let them sprinkle some salt on top. Once it is dry, dust off the salt and surprise! The whole sheet will look as it is snowing! What a great effect! Now you are ready to stick the trees on and finished is our arty winter wonderland!

For the slightly older ones, let them string up some triangular shaped cardboard cut outs. You can add some beads as decor. It´s so simple but so effective and cute – especially little girls will love this!

Let´s continue with string and cardboard. First draw simple geometrical shapes onto cardboard, than cut around them. Get some colorful yarn and needle and get sewing! They will imagine ever new shapes. You might hang them later onto a branch of pine – they will be so proud of their own little christmas corner in the house!

“Gods eyes” are also so easy, creative and beautiful! Check out full instructions in my pinterest folder by clicking here, or on the image!

A great idea to do together with smaller and bigger brothers and sisters are these finger and foot paintings. Let them work as a team! They might just as well create their own little stories and christmas cards!

Office paper recycling into snowmen – fantastic idea! 

A paper Santa from simple shapes, cut and glued! Curl the beard with some scissors and finally draw the face with a ball pen! Love it!

For full instructions and more ideas check out my pinterest folder of cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas by clicking HERE

And if you are still at the look out for

gifts for grandma, daddy, granddad, the little baby or your best friend, have a look


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simple and natural christmas decor is this years new luxury

simple and natural christmas decor is this years new luxury

Simple & Natural Christmas Decor is the true luxury this year!

Christmas decoration dates back centuries and if we look back into our own childhood our mothers overloaded and almost over decorated the whole house during the Christmas period. This year, don’t be a slave to the past and try out this simple, cheap, but most of all beautiful natural eco-chic trend, which will mark the season!

Natural olive branches are a great choice with wonderful green-silver leaves. They are extremely easy to decorate, and add natural color with a timeless green. So bring a touch of your outdoors in, and enjoy your holiday season.

Of course, not everyone has access to olive tree branches, don´t worry, as any other ever green leaves will work just as well! 

Stick them for instance on the wall, imitating the shape of a Christmas tree. Have a look at my previous post by clicking here and check out plenty more alternative Christmas tree options.

Don´t have much access to any greens? Well don´t risk to get arrested by cutting all the bushes in the park! The combination of some brass rings or stars with only a touch of green are  just as attractive!

And for me the most beautiful and original way of displaying some green is the combination of greens and glass containers, vases or even glass baubles.

Simply green wreaths, on their own or in multitude are classic, but keeping them minimalistic, will make them stand out this season!

And as mentioned previously, for alternative Christmas tree options, especially ideal for small spaces, check out my previous post or my pinterest folder!

And last, but not least, adding to any antique wooden object a branch of green with a simple bow, will make them stand out for this seasons celebration. Happy decorating to all of you!

And remember for all of you early Christmas shoppers we have a   



Only until the 6.December!

Check out the full collection here

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35 stylish & chic christmas tree alternatives

35 stylish & chic christmas tree alternatives

35 amazing stylish & chic Christmas tree alternatives

Soon it´s time to decorate again for Christmas, getting our home cosy and into the mood! 

This also brings with it the opportunity to get truly creative and decorative! 

And if you are looking for something a little different this year here the perfect picture guide to 35 amazing stylish & chic alternatives to the traditional tree which may well inspire you! 

By the way, loads of these ideas are ideal especial for small spaces, where a 3-D foot standing tree might get into your way each year – if this is your case, here you´ll find the solution to the seasonal space problem, without having to miss out on a tree!

Incredibly simple but just so happy and bright! These two chalk drawn christmas trees on black board painted walls can be done with minimal effort and cleaning them up later is done in a second! 

Natural branches suspended from the celing can be incredibly atractive and save space, while you don´t have to miss out on the smell which transports you into your childhood, creating expectations of the big day to come!

A smaller alternative for the table or side board are these cones made from ceramic, wood or concrete, partly raw with golden tips.

Similar in size, but from paper, dough and felt are these cute little decor trees. A nice weekend DIY idea! Feel creative and do your own version!

Black or white? Which one is your favorite of these two wooden cut out christmas trees? Sparely decorated with a light garland, they look so stylish & chic! They are the perfectly match for any scandinavian style living room!

Here some more black and white ideas to imitate at home, using painted salt dough with cork trunks, white fur on a stick, washi tape framed and simple black and white paper patterns cut and stacked. It seems so easy and fun to do them, I must try one my self!  

Recyled pallet wood can also be transformed completely into some beautiful and original christmas decor trees. Find more options and alternatives in my pinterest folder

Also from wood, but so different: On the left a 3-D wooden boards cut out tree – scandinavian style and on the right piled drift wood, for a polished rustic look. 

Fake fur trees stuffed and pinned on the wall, the trunks are mini washing pegs – what a mad little idea! 

Hand painted fabric wall-hanging or a photographic version? Which one do you like better? 

Personally I like a bit of natural and will hang some branches over our fireplace and decorate them together with my daughter with some home made salt dough cookie decor. Happy decorating to you!

All images link back to pinterest, where you can get all details about their origin,… and 

And remember for all of you early Christmas shoppers we have a   

FULL month of up to 15% DISCOUNT

on all custom cushions

Only until the 6.December!

Check out the full collection here.  

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The 30 most chic & stylish painted pumpkins ever

The 30 most chic & stylish painted pumpkins ever

The 30 most chic & stylish painted pumpkins ever

Carving pumpkins goes back 100 of years, never the less here it is fairly new. Kids have adopted Halloween as a cool fancy dress party very quickly and us mums who like a bit of seasonal decoration might just as well add some autumn touches by placing pumpkins onto our shelfs or tables. But lets skip all the tacky decor that is mostly on offer and let´s have a look at some truly chic and stylish painted pumpkins – which you just just might like to imitate yourself 😉

What about a touch of scandinavian decor:  black white grey pumpkins with graphic lettering? I just love it and it works!

Same color theme, just a bit more feminine: white base, black stem and beautiful delicate lace. In this picture here it contrasts quiet strong with wooden logs, but I can imagine it perfectly in a classy living room.

Let´s continue with the black and white theme and get inspired with some doodle style illustration pumpkins, with eyes and lashes. Very young and fresh and far away from old traditions. So cute!

Here some of my favorites: pale pink, white and black with paint splashes. Easy to imitate but so effective. And if you are more into colors, feel creative and go for your own color combinations!

Now if crafts are not your thing, but like to add a handmade seasonal decor, this one ideal for you! Matt black all over! Easy peasy! And it is a huge interior design trend this season, as I mentioned in a previous post. No excuses, just do it!

And if you feel this one was too simple, but you like the matt black idea, why not add a bit of flower apliques to it? They can be either fresh flowers, but as said in the same post mentioned before, Faux is absolutely legitimate this season!

Now these ones are a total fashion hit! Matt chalk paint in fashion colors with brass 3-d stud apliques. Funky-punky! 

Same idea, slightly toned down, with a satin finish. They are so chic!

And we stay with the same color theme, changing the base and brush stroke colors for great contrast. This one can be perfectly done with your kids, so it´s a true winner for some family afternoon crafts!

Zig Zag with black and white color, everyone has paint in these two colors at home, but as I said before, if you prefer something more colorful play around with other color combinations, but do your self and you interior a favor, go for what matches the rest of the room 😉

Now these ones I added, as I find them simply incredible, but of course, I am totally aware that none of us will be likely to be able to imitate them. Never the less I hope they serve you as inspiration!

And for the other 30+ inspirational ideas on the most chic & stylish painted pumpkins, click here:


click to be diverted to the pinterest folder and its corresponding original websites


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35+ ideas of the most beautiful fall crafts your kids will love

35+ ideas of the most beautiful fall crafts your kids will love

35+ of the most beautiful fall crafts your kids will love to make

Days are shorter and temperatures are dropping, rain more frequent – not the most desirable combination for when you have to entertain kids for hours at home.

In order to make this time a bit more creative and fun I prepared for you plenty of inspiration for some beautiful kids crafts you can easily imitate at home this fall.

Most of them I tried already with my daughter and she truly loved them!

Get your boots on, a basket in your hand and get out there, searching for some fallen leaves. Together you can observe the different shapes, sizes and colors of these leaves, try also matching them with the trees and bushes were they came from. Collect also some little branches, acorns, stones, literally anything that could be painted, glued or hang later on… – that already is an adventure for most little ones. It makes them feel like a treasure hunt and for most of them suddenly ordinary leaves become valuable – nature becomes valuable! Their vision of it changes and it enhances also their skills of observation – what a beautiful side effect! 😉

Arrange your finds in a shape of a mandala.

Paint the acorn bulbs with matt paint and glue them back into their little bowls or paint the bowls from the inside with shiny paint. They become beautiful decor items!

Glue maple seeds, little sticks or stones together into the shape of animals. You can paint them later on. Feel free and be creative!

A typical one, paint on top of the leaves. In my pinterest folder you can find plenty of inspiration ideas of how and what you can paint on them, to make this just a bit more curious and attractive:

Paint the leaves with watercolors and then press them with the wet side down onto paper – a beautiful way to paint and observe again the shapes, colors and sizes of the different leaves – kids just love getting messy, so be prepared and cover all around them well 😉

Another totally different way of observing the shapes and sizes of the leaves is to make a salt dough (get the recopy in my pinterest folder) and then press the leaves onto the flat shapes of dough, take off the leaves and bake them, so that this experience becomes long lasting – this might inspire them also for a grandparents gift or for dads office or …

One that specially boys will love: double fold a kitchen cloth (so that you don´t damage your table) then place a clean sheet of paper on top and next a colorful leave (make sure it is not totally dried up, as it will just break into thousands of mini pieces) Then get them hammering the color out the leave – peel the leave of the paper and what remains is a beautiful natural impression of the color pigments of the leaves. You can later even frame these pieces of art!

In Germany we had this great tradition of making lanterns in the Kindergarten and during primary for Saint Martins (11.November). Sometimes the process of making them lasted several days, but the reward was fantastic, we all went out at dark, lit our lanterns and sung until the lights went off them selves. I continue this tradition here in the Basque Country with my daughter and her friends and even here people have never heard about it kids just love it too. So find a big variety of diy lanterns in this pinterest folder and enjoy autumn with your kids!

click on each image to be diverted to the pinterest folder and its corresponding original websites

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Best of Back to School DIY Supplies

Best of Back to School DIY Supplies

Summer is about to come to an end and school already around the corner. To brighten up the grey days to come, inspire and get your kids motivated with some fashionable self-made school supplies!

They will want to show them off and use them, this way they push their confidence and get a sweeter start into the next school year.

Of course there is lots of inspiration around, however in order to narrow down the offer, I created a BEST OF folder especially for you on Pinterest.


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