New Year´s resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

New Year´s resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

New Years Resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

We are half way through January, the new year resolutions, well they might not be forgotten, but we must admit that our daily routines have caught up with us by now. 

So, wouldn´t it be good to have a reminder of your goals for this year on your desk or well visible on your wall? 

Be it at home or in the office, be it a personalized list or message, or a motivational and inspirational quote, having them present and visible can help you keep on track. 

Have a look through these and many more designs, or as I said, have your own text printed. Remember, they can be printed on fabric to be framed or on a quality cotton pillow, available on 9 beautiful decorative colors. 

Get one for your self or gift them! The recipient will love it and your message  will be present day by day! 

Why not now – go for it today! 

Life isn´t about waiting for the storm to pass. It´s about learning to dance in the rain.

Happiness is a choice

Your personal message hand printed on fabric to be framed!

Limits are for those who need them!

Believe you can and you are halfway there.

Do what makes you happy

365 new days. 365 new beginnings.

Your personal message hand printed on a quality cotton cushion, available in 9 colors!

Focus on the solution – not the problem.

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6 Quick & easy ways to make your office more creative & productive!

6 Quick & easy ways to make your office more creative & productive!

Design must make sense! In my long career as a designer one thing I never understood how there is so much “stuff” out there, be it fashion-, interior- or product design, that aesthetically looks great, but functionally is a total fail. 

In my new pinterest folder to this blog, you´ll find plenty of design inspiration for restyling your office that make sense, however in this post I´d rather point out a few easy and quick changes that will help you to boost creativity & productivity around your work space.

You really need only 15min for achieving a massive change 

Trust me & go for it right away!  

-1- Move your desk closer to the daylight!

Try to avoid fluorescent lighting, as it can cause drowsiness, instead orientate your desk making more use of daylight!

-2- Clear your office from clutter!

I mentioned this already in my previous post, but it really is rule number one for better fengshui, better efficiency and motivation!

-3- Control temperature!

Make sure office temperature is not too high, as it could make you sleepy, but neither too cold, as this can distract you just as well. Ideal would be 25ºC (77º F)

-4- Add motivation to your desk and walls!

Family pictures, as well as inspirational quotes can help you to get through the day and keep up your motivation. Check out also my previous post: 10 Tips on getting motivated for work that really work!

For this purpose I created a whole collection of motivational quotes, which you can either print out yourself or I hand print them for you on fabric for a more sophisticated touch.


-5- Have Plants!

There are plenty of plants that need minimal care, but they can help reduce your stress levels and reduce air polution. Find a guide of easy office plants in the pinterest folder that I created especially for this post.


-6- Rearrange your desk for better Fengshui!

Just follow this great illustration for more balance and efficiency with your work by placing all the elements on your desk in a certain manor. Sounds odd, but let me tell you, I tried it my self and I must say it makes sense once you´ve done it. Just give it a try, it only will take you a few minutes!


picture credits in my pinterest folder

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Motivation at work -10 Tips that really work

Motivation at work -10 Tips that really work

motivation at work 10 tips that really work by my home and yours blog for design and family lovers

Monday Mornings are never easier, but some are harder then others. What we need is a good plan for the week, or better a good routine to guide us through the whole month!

For you I went through tones of research, articles & talks and picked out the best.

Everyone can GET MOTIVATED at work. Try these ten tips today! 😉

No matter if you force it or if you actually feel in a good mood, studies have show that smiling reduces stress and anxiety levels, which again helps you feel better about the work you need to get done.

Sitting in an open expansive posture can release testosterone, which increases your feeling of power and your tolerance for risk, while you settle down for work.

A new day, a new part of the project, …

Research has show that splitting projects into small measurable tasks and treating each one as a new challenge can give you each time a fresh perspective and improve motivation.

Get aware of what slows you down or what scares you and choose the right quote to tackle it. Place it visibly on your desk and your eyes will pass over it again and again, this will help your brain to get the message.

Search right here for your personal motivational quote:

Studies have shown that exposure of the color green helps us to feel happier, less tired and more motivated. Go out to the park for a walk, get a desk plant or change the color of the picture frame of your desk. 

Work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break to refocus. Streching your body and breathing some fresh air helps oxygen reach your brain better, this will reduce fatigue levels and increase energy.

Each morning choose 3 tasks you want to achieve this day and make sure you get them done. Set realistic goals and congratulate yourself for having achieved them, this will motivate you for the next task! And please don´t compare yourself to others! Be kind to yourself!

Most of our desks are filled up with piles of work to get done, but also a lot of clutter! Get rid of as much as you can and keep it clean. You will be surprised, how your brain will appreciate this and rewards you with more energy and more creativity! In an upcoming post I´ll give you more detailed ideas about rearranging and redecorating your work space, so watch out for the coming post.

Don´t over work and take time for yourself & your family! Set time aside to do one of your favorite things every day, even sometimes you are left only with a few minutes, then watch the stars and remind your self of all the good that happens to you.

Watch this Ted talk by Arianna Huffington about  how sleep can transform Your Life, One Night at a Time

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