Jan 2, 2018

The new year often starts with hangover time! And I don´t really mean it in the literal way! It´s just that the past year rests heavily on our shoulders and I personally feel quiet tired and exhausted! In order to get the reset for a new fresh start into the next round of 365 days around the sun right, a visit to a spa wouldn´t be bad at all! 

But, of course we´ve got the kids at home, time for your self is lacking! So I thought I´d step at least into our bath tub, switch off the light, light up some candles and get the feel. But I had to realize that through out the year the bathroom got rather cluttered with old magazines, towels lying around, here one of the socks which is missing in the laundry and there the bathing toys of my daughter, filling half the bath tub! I cannot even light up the candle which is hiding in the corner of the shelf, as its twig is down to cero!  

Well this scenario is far from getting the right Spa feeling! 

But when you hit bottom you get ready to push yourself up, so I decided it´s time for a little make over and turning this space into my little Spa – or at least I´d like to get it a bit closer to it!

Here a few ideas, which might inspire you for your own bathroom at home.


Get rid of all the clutter, hide it in the drawers, some baskets or some glass containers.


Change all the ugly shampoo, mouthwash, … containers into neutral looking dispensers.


Get new towels – all the same color or matching patterns, roll them up or fold them perfectly.


Add some inspiring wall decor and candles.


Add some scents and turn on some music.

And if you want to get a bit more into restyling and redecorating in my new pinterest folder, you´ll find plenty of ideas:

From painting the walls, the sink, the tiles, or simply their joints …

… to adding some shelfing, some stick on tiles or …

… add a faux patterned floor. 

Have a brows here and a happy start into the new year!

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