Dec 19, 2017

Interior color – WHITE – where and how

Color is one of the most powerful design tools, as in a fraction of a second colors can speak volumes. Without saying a single word, they can instantly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire people to take action. 

In my series of Interior colors, in which I hope to demystify a bit the color psychology and the adequate use of color in our homes, I talked already previously about orange and red. 

You can check out part 1 and 2 of this series: here and here.

This month white will be our color:

White often is not mentioned as a color as such, however just as any other color it provokes emotions and we react to it in a certain way.

10 words that describe the color psychology of white the best: 

bright + spotless + innocent + airy + lightweight + sterile + efficient + silent + pure + fresh  

White is a cold neutral color, it´s clean and pure and gives us the impression of space. Most of the time newly constructed homes are handed over all dipped into white paint, which obviously is cheaper, but also more neutral as it can easily adapt to almost any taste and allows you to set all ideas to cero. 

You like rustic, Mediterranean chic? White is a perfect base color, think of Ibiza and it´s rustic housing, always in white, combined with natural wood and earthenware.

You like modern Scandinavian decor? Well white and black are the essential colors for it, even the result goes into a totally different direction.

In any case, white cultivates clarity, positivity and honesty.

But what does all this mean in respect to the interiors of your home? 

You can use white in virtually any space of your home, …

… be it your BATHROOM

… be it your KITCHEN 

… be it your BEDROOM …

Also the quantity of white color you want to use depends entirely on you. Look inside of yourself and feel how YOU react to white with white or may be YOU prefer adding smaller or bigger white highlights to existing color palettes?

The beautiful thing about white is that is totally flexible and it always works. Surely this will also be the reason why most people choose white from my cushion collection as gifts – this way they cannot go wrong with the color and their message is what stands out! 

Have a look at the collection HERE 

Never the less, which colors work the best with white?

White walls and white furniture for a monochrome elegant summer look. 

… or white with subtle touches of sand and grey tones, …

 or for a more graphic look add contrasts and match it with black, …

… or combine white with any other bright color. It really is up to you!

Please remember, all of my Home and Yours cushions are available in 9 colors. And they could just as well wear your own words.

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