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Anika Schmitt

Anika Schmitt

founder & designer

Unique hand printed textiles and personalized designs that speak for themselves!
– My Home & Yours –

I´m Anika Schmitt, born in Munich Bavaria. As a successful international fashion designer, I dedicated the past 20 years solely to the world of fashion ( Since the birth of our little girl, however I decided to slow down the paste of work related traveling and opted for a change, allowing my self to start out a new project: My Home & Yours.
Before engaging in fashion, I studied graphic design in London and it is now that I use that knowledge more than ever in my textile creations.
Moved by this change we transformed part of our house, located in a small village on the Basque coast, into a studio & workshop. It´s from here where I now create my home decor and gifts with great love and care, sending them out all over the world, to fill the hearts and homes with their special and personalized messages.

The idea began when I was desperately searching for a gift for a dear friend who was about to get married. I wanted this gift to show how special she is for me and it should remind the couple of their love on a daily basis. It should be something personal and unique, as well as functional. In short, so many things that it was difficult to fit them into a single gift. So I decided to create it myself.
Soon after I had to find something special for a newborn …. a housewarming, a birthday, a communion, a christening … all special moments and all of them have their own personalized phrase!

However the most original I have been asked for without a doubt has been a proposal. Do you imagine to have this message forever immortalized?

All of my already created designs can be personalized for you, with names, dates, lyrics or whatever you want. And if none of them matches your idea, you can always send me your own text and I´ll make sure that your personal message will touch the heart of whoever you want.

Our designs combine vintage, retro, rustic, Boho or Hipster in a natural and elegant way.
Each piece is hand-printed with a special technique that allows the fabric
texture to shine through giving it an aging vintage look. This asures that not
one piece will turn out exactly the same. So you will get a UNIQUE piece!

Let me help your message to be present day by day in a beautiful detail and make sure your gift will captivate all of your recipients through this original way of transmitting a feeling.

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