Valentine´s most personal and long lasting gift ideas!

Valentine´s most personal and long lasting gift ideas!


Valentine´s most personal and long lasting gift ideas!

Love is in the air! Just a few more days to go till Valentine´s day!

Curious facts about this special celebration around the globe:

japanese valentines day custom

In JAPAN, a chocolate manufacturer introduced the holiday for the first time in 1936, when it ran an advertisement aimed at foreigners. Other campaigns followed and popularized the custom.

However in Japan only women give chocolates to men! The origin of this curious custom originates from a translation error during the initial campaigns!

  • In SOUTH KOREA , women give chocolate to men on February 14, and men give white chocolate to women on March 14 (White Day). On April 14 (Black Day), those who did not receive anything on February 14 or March 14 go to a restaurant to eat black noodles and lament their ‘single life’. 
  • SINGAPOREANS are supposed to be the biggest spenders on Valentine’s Day: between 100-500$/person!
  • In the UK over 25 million cards are being sent for Valentines!
corean valentines day customs

Think about all the flowers and cards being binned a few days later, the Kilos being gained by all the tones of chocolates being consumed during this celebration will be most likely to last longer!

However what about a really long lasting gift that expresses your love day after day?

Choose your favorite quote or have your own personal message printed on a quality cushion or fabric art print which will speak for it self!

your own personal love message on a quality cushion hand printed and vintage style by My Home and yours
custom gay valentines gift vintage
original valentine love message gift handprinted on fabric to be framed by My Home and Yours
your text here hand printed on fabric to be framed
your personal love message handprinted on a quality cushion with leave wreath graphics
personal valentines gift with your own message in a vintage frame
cute heart shaped bespoke cushion print with your personal love declaration

You need a hand with some romantic text inspiration? Just have a look here:

you make me happy in a way noone else can pillow hand printed by My Home and Yours
love you me too cloud art prints hand printed on fabric
i love you to the moon and back fabric art print valentines gift
valentines love quote gift hand printed by Anika Schmitt
love quote art gift handprinted on fabric by My Home and Yours
what I like most about my home is those who I share it with fabric art print
every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite fabric art print love gift

You want to have something more personal with your names and the date you met or married?

Well here you have some more ideas:

elegant mr and mrs throw pillows hand printed on quality cushions that can be customzed with names and date
custom valentines love gift with names of the couple and wedding date hand printed
Mr and Mrs hipster style cushion set grey and white vintage hand print can be personalized
grey custom name and date vintage style cushion with plant wreath hand printed
custom anniversary gift name of the couple and wedding date

In any case, let your special one know how big your love is!

May be we can´t go just as big as this giant billboard, but there are plenty of standard sizes and colors  to choose from to let your special Valentine know how big your love is!

Valentines billboard

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Unique and very personal christmas gifts!

Unique and very personal christmas gifts!

Hand printed custom cushions, unique and personal christmas gifts

Unique and very personal christmas gifts!

Before language was written or money minted, humans exchanged gifts. Gift giving is probably one of the oldest and most basic human behaviors. The act of giving is a powerful act of communication. It enhances and even changes relationships between us and others.

With Christmas approaching fast, the gifting season soon will be reaching it´s yearly climax! 

But expectations of finding the right little (or bigger) something, which will really find appreciation is getting more complicated, as mass produced goods struggle to reach the heart of its recipients and neither do they show that you really care for them. 

Giving a handcrafted gift to the contrary speaks volumes about the giver. It says that they care about finer things, and that they took the time to choose the gift carefully. 

There is a big difference between wrapping a unique handmade gift or simply handing over a gift card.

Now if you give a gift that actually has been made only and exclusively for it´s recipient, using even your own words, or adding names and dates, you really can make sure that this will turn into the most heart warming gift under the Christmas tree! 

definition of happiness pillow with custom names

Remember all My Home and Yours can be customized, however we have many many designs directed to all kinds of recipients, be it grandma, a new born or your big love, which are already prepared for your name or/and date to be inserted.

And exactly on these very special custom gifts we decided to give you an unique discount for your Christmas shopping! Yeah!!!

The offer is valid for a limited time only! (until 6.12.17) So don´t wait for a last minute gift, but check out which styles are the ones for you! Find the full collection here:


unique – hand PRINTED –personalised


best friend quote gift custom cushion
family names custom cushion
family name custom cushion
happiness quote gift family love custom cushion

“Every person has their own definition of happiness. (your names) & you are mine.”

Gifts that the whole family will love!

love gift custom cushion with ynames of the couple and wedding date
names of the couple and wedding date custom cushion
names of the couple date and monogram custom cushion
happiness quote gift family love custom cushion

Be it for you or your partner or for your parents, these cushion covers with names and date are:

The perfect gift to show your love!

custom kids name cushion
custom message cushion in high quality
custom kids name and monogram custom cushion
unicorn quote cushion with your own name

A new member in your or your friends family? With out a doubt with these cushions covers your message and intentions will be present day by day.

Kids just love to see their name

baby girls name initial and birth date cushion with wreath
boys custom name cushion with quote car illustration and age
name cushion with tent and arrow ideal kids gift
name and super hero quote cushion for boys room
boys name cushion with balloon and monogram
monogram and kids name custom cushion
kids monogram and name personalised pillow
girls name cushion beautiful and elegant
custom message cushion with cloud graphics
custom message cushion in high quality
your text here custom cushion
own quote cushion with cute decor

And what about your very own words with some beautiful graphics to frame them?

Nothing can be more personal then your own message

my own text printed on a quality cushion with wreath graphic decor
personalised frase or song lyrics on a pillow
hipster vintage frame custom quote pillow
your personal love message in a heart hand printed on a quality cushion
your text here cushion cover hand printed with vintage tecnique
custom text cushion vintage style with bears ideal for gays
personalised text pillow printed with love
custom text cushion with wreath illustration

And remember the SPECIAL OFFER is only on until the 6.December!

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How did it all start? The story of MH&Y

How did it all start? The story of MH&Y

how did it start? the story of mh&y by my home and yours blog for design and family lovers!

I´m Anika Schmitt, born in Munich Bavaria. As a successful international fashion designer, I dedicated the past 20 years solely to the world of fashion ( Since the birth of our little girl, however I decided to slow down the paste of work related traveling and opted for a change, allowing my self to start out a new project: My Home & Yours. 

my home and yours horizontal white and black logo

Moved by this change we transformed part of our house, located in a small village on the Basque coast, into a studio & workshop. (soon I´ll post some pictures of it so you can see where My Home & Yours is from)

It´s from here where I now create my home decor and gifts with great love and care, sending them out all over the world, to fill the hearts and homes with their special and personalized messages. 

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

The idea began when I was desperately searching for a gift for a dear friend who was about to get married. I wanted this gift to show how special she is for me and it should remind the couple of their love on a daily basis. It should be something personal and unique, as well as functional. In short, so many things that it was difficult to fit them into a single gift. So I decided to create it myself. 

wedding gift personalized cushions all started out with for my home and yours

Soon after I had to find something special for a newborn …. 

custom name new born cushions for a special friend
friends housewarming gift - quote cushions

a house warming …

a birthday …. 

birthday gift for a friend - custom quote cushions
gift for a comunion - custoom name cushions and quote

a comunion …

a christening …. 

custom name christening gift - hand printed fabric art print

all special moments! However the most original I have been asked for, without a doubt has been a proposal.

As it was a bespoke order I obviously keep total silence about its details! However can you imagine to have this message forever immortalized? I think it is so romantic!

One thing is for sure, each occasion has its own personalized phrase. So remember, all of my already created designs can be personalized for you, with names, dates, lyrics or whatever you want. And if none of them matches your idea, you can always send me your own text and I´ll make sure that your personal message will touch the heart of whoever you want.

For these totally personalized gifts you can choose from a whole collection of “YOUR TEXT HERE” products which can be adjusted just what you have been looking for 😉 No matter if you decide for text only, than you can choose from 6 different type faces, or you might want to incorporate your text within some special graphic design frame, here you´ll find what matches your idea. 

This your text here collection has been designed to transmit all your personal messages

My designs combine vintage, retro, rustic, Boho or Hipster in a natural and elegant way.

Each piece is hand-printed with a special technique that allows the fabric 

texture to shine through giving it an aging vintage look. This asures that not 

one piece will turn out exactly the same. So you will get a UNIQUE piece!

Each piece is hand-printed with a special technique that allows the fabric texture to shine through giving it an aging vintage look

Let me help your message to be present day by day in a beautiful detail and make sure your gift will captivate all of your recipients through this original way of transmitting a feeling.

check out the collection now


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say it with your own words my home and yours your text here collection

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