by Anika Schmitt


New Year´s resolutions – to be remembered all year round!

New Years Resolutions - to be remembered all year round! We are half way through January, the new year resolutions, well they might not be forgotten, but we must admit that our daily routines have caught up with us by now.  So, wouldn´t it be good to have a...

6 Quick & easy ways to make your office more creative & productive!

Design must make sense! In my long career as a designer one thing I never understood how there is so much “stuff” out there, be it fashion-, interior- or product design, that aesthetically looks great, but functionally is a total fail.  In my new pinterest folder to...

How to convert your bathroom into a spa in 5 simple steps

The new year often starts with hangover time! And I don´t really mean it in the literal way! It´s just that the past year rests heavily on our shoulders and I personally feel quiet tired and exhausted! In order to get the reset for a new fresh start into...

Happy Holiday – Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year, full of good energy, happy vibes, love and health! related posts   For more updates and goodies follow us on:...

interior colors – white – where and how

Interior color - WHITE - where and how Color is one of the most powerful design tools, as in a fraction of a second colors can speak volumes. Without saying a single word, they can instantly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction or inspire...

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas

15 cute and easy kids christmas craft ideas The low temperatures during the winter month and few hours of daylight force you to stay in with your little ones more often than during the rest of the year. Why not use this time to do some arts and crafts with them? Here...

Interior colors – red – where and how

Interior Colors - Red - where & how This color series hopes to demystify a bit the color psychology and the adequate use of color in our homes.  At the beginning of this autumn winter season I mentioned in the post: "This seasons biggest interior trend...

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